Monday, September 11, 2006


ok, id like to start out by apologizing for my bad spelling and gramer..... yes i know there is a spell check, but i dont like to use it......

anyway, back to the main topic of the post.... we need more members in G&D, invite your friends, and let them invite there friends, and let them invite ........ well, you get the point, we need more pepole. at our last meeting (Peeps)(a good novel that you should read if you have yet to.) there was 4 people, including chris, donna, and myself, we need more pepole, as you would guess, with only 4 people, the dissucion was not a very good one (especialy sience donna didnt finish the book) to make the meetings as fun as posible we NEED more pepole, so, invite everyone you know (to a point) so that we can have a better and more fun book disscusion on October the ninth. bring more people and read twilight by Stephanie Meyer ok? i understand that people are on vacation over the summer and some of us went to collage..... but schools started, so come to gryphons and dragons. ok, im done ranting now.......

King Casper (david)


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