Monday, October 02, 2006

Twilight of the October Discussion

Making that pronouncement with a week to go may be a bit premature, but it's beginning to feel that way. Forgetting to request this particular book not only meant it wasn't available at out last session, but that we had to wait behind 5 others on the request list. Between that and a couple of the copies being kept overdue, it's been a long wait. Nevertheless, 3 of you have checked out copies now and two more copies should be available tomorrow. I've already read it and Gabs might add her thoughts from Columbia. So we might yet have a good discussion.

What am I saying? Of course we'll have a good discussion. Even if no one's read the book, we can still have fun hanging out. The last two books have offered very different takes on vampires, and I thought it might be fun to consider the popularity of vampires in legend, literature, and cinema. Or we could hear about what else everyone has been reading (assigned or not). Or we could hear what you have going on beyond books. It's up to you. I'm just there to provide and room and some snacks, it's your group and you can determine the direction it takes.

Which goes double for this blog. I started it as a way to make announcements and extend the discussion about our readings beyond our actual gatherings, but it can be much more. We rarely stay on topic when we get together in person, so why should we have to on this blog? I invited each of you to be contributors so you'd have the power to control what gets posted; it's your blog and you can determine the direction it takes. Write a post and tell us what you're thinking.


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