Monday, October 02, 2006

The Twilight of this book... HOPEFULLY.

This book did not appeal to me. Their relationship was TOO perfect. They get into a fight and then 1 second later they make up, and I believe the author could have made their love for each other quite lucid without informing us of every time they kissed or what not (do real couples even show their affection that much). It was a romance more than a fantasy story. The author, in my mind, also overplayed the fact that Edward was a dangerous person for Bella to be around, for example almost in every paragraph, Edward would say "You shouldn't be around me." or something to that effect, and it was like the author thought so little of our intelligence and memory that she felt the compulsion to remind us of that fact. Their relationship not being believable and the overstatement of facts already told to us made this one of my least favorite books. Although I have to admit, it did leave you wanting more at the end.


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I agree


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